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Hello! Welcome to the Fictional Battle Blaze Wiki! Here we make death battles, DBX, One Minute Melees and profiles of characters in VS Battles style, and use both of those to make Death Battles on a rather different scale and with a unique style. Use your imagination at anything while making this battle and we will support you! Enjoy!

Rules in this Wiki

It may be fun and enjoyable to write your own battles in your own unique way, but like any other pages, there are rules that has to be followed in order for this page to work without certain arguments that may or will be turned into an unavoidable fight. These rules are still on progress but here are some of the important ones:

1.) Never make a joke battle that annoys other readers.

2.) Never make a fight that is already shown on other wiki pages, in order to avoid quarreling. However, if said battle was your own, or you were going to write the battle in a different way than the original, then your free to do what you want. Plagarism is not tolerated here.

3.) Fights are fun and can be written in good ways, but for the sales of avoiding arguments, don't end your fight with comedic cliffhangers or non-sensible endings.

4.) Both of your chosen combatants should be respected. Never make a fight that is going to be one-sided, there won't be any fun in that for both the writer and the readers.

5.) Feel free to create Outlier pages, but on the condition of putting it under the Outlier category. Also, if your going to create a Death Battle that has this outlier profile of a character, the combatants must be all outlier with no exception, to avoid crossing it with the real deal.

6.) Creating an OC/Fanfiction character is tolerated here, and can be used in Death Battles against a real character, outlier character or an OC character like it.

7.) When creating a profile for a character, make sure to create it when the character is at its strongest. For example, if the character has a pre-timeskip key, or a pre-training/upgrades key, it won't be used, and the post-timeskip key, or the post-training/upgrades would be the one used. However, if the keys of said character had forms or transformations (i.e. Sonic and his super mode), or if the character was proven to have an AP level when casual, and an AP level when serious, then it can be used normally.

8.) You can create and discuss versus threads in the forums link below.

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